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A Meditation Marvel

They say that meditation is  a necessary life skill. A child that can calm themselves will be able to have incredible coping skills as they travel through life. Our kids meditation will help your little one learn to self sooth and calm.


The Meditation for Kids collection has earned a reputation world wide with a distinct and enjoyable meditation style.  Gentle meditation stories along with calming music and effects.  Explore the site and check out Meditation for Kids below.

You can download they app OR you can purchase the meditations here on the website, iTunes, or listen on Spotify. As well as many other music retailers. Please click on the links below to purchase from the website or the social links above to listen else where.

Thanks for stopping by.

Big love, 

MFK team. xx

Meditation for Kids Info

Meditation for Kids Info

A Presence

Thank you for dropping by! 

Meditation for Kids is happy that you’ve taken the time to check out our website! You will find our kids meditation calming for sure. The creative-child of Christine, mother of three (two girls and a boy) that knew almost desperately there was a need for more in this space for children.

Meditation for Kids began as heartfelt gift from a mother to her children after experiencing two bouts of post-natal depression. Christine knew that she had to do something to offer her children and many other little ones to tap into their own inner calm and resilience. It is possible for children to learn coping and calming skills through kids meditation.

Meditation for Kids seeks to offer something different and unique to kids in all circumstances: to learn a life skill, help with anxiety, healing, relaxation, learning and in some cases palliative care.


We are proud to offer something to the children and future of the world. Drop us a line anytime!

Much Love, Christine and the MFK team. xx

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