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Key to Mindful Parenting: Live in the Moment

Have you ever noticed that your kid does not have a sense of time? The only way their brain is conditioned is to think about NOW. They are only aware of one mantra; Live in the moment!

The adult mind is like a pressure cooker, only thinking about the future, investments, finances, family issues, and debauchery in life. All this unnecessary drama only leads to defragmentation, disintegration, and decoherence of our brain. Life seems disappointing and more stressful. Furthermore, unknowingly you transfer all these negative emotions to your offspring. As a kid grows up, he loses his innocence and gets accustomed to living outside the moment thus, creating all the messed-up jargon in his head. Mindful parenting is based on this foundation of stress-free thinking, loving, and living in the moment.

Mindfulness is the state of open, active, and non-judgemental thinking. The best guru to educate you in mindful living is your kid! But to give you a head start, we have enlisted a few activities that you should practice along with your kids. If you keep a keen eye on your child you will notice how unknowingly he ‘lives in the moment’ and enjoys life to the fullest!

1. Focus on the ‘Present’

How often do you drive and reach the office not even realizing a thing that you did in the car? Or you walk up to the room and forget why you even went there in the first place? As adults, we are so habitual of being in auto-pilot mode and working that we forget to savour life. STOP thinking about the past or the future, enjoy that car ride, or have a joyful meal with your kids. Start focusing on the tasks that you do without squandering the mind.

2. Don’t worry, Be happy

We all know that there are days when happiness is the last thing on your mind. But worrying about your baby who has been crying for hours will only elevate the pain. Seek out help in conditions that are beyond your control. Focus on the solution more than the problem and you will see how easy it is to be happy. Raise your family as a family! If you need any help, ask your partner instead of losing your mind.

3. Do not forget to SMILE

Studies suggest an average kid smiles more than six times than an adult. And we cannot emphasize enough the importance of endorphins for a healthy state of mind. Even on days when you do not feel like smiling, just look at the infectious smile of your toddler and be happy. Even fake smiling can actually fool your mind to become happier. Remember, a smile a day, keeps the doctor away!

4. Random acts of kindness

Spontaneous activities are momentous and can bring a great amount of joy in life. Bake a cake for your daughter, make that special cup of coffee for your spouse, come early from work unannounced or go for an impromptu family picnic. Imagine the million-dollar smile on their face the instant you give them a surprise! These small things you do for your family impacts the relationship exponentially.

5. Small Moments aren’t small

When was the last time you actually enjoyed an ice-cream with your kids? Nowadays we are constantly surrounded by technology or mindless drama. Drive your attention to the small moments that happen in your life and start enjoying them. Blow bubbles with your kids, jump with them on the puddle, sing songs, and relish these moments of happiness.

6. Say Thanks!

You don’t have to preserve all the gratitude feelings for Thanksgiving. Instead, practice the act of thankfulness every day. Tell your family how blessed you are to spend time with them. Keep a note of small things that people do for you and always say thanks!

These easy-peasy activities from mundane life can help you to live in the present. Get inspired by your children and spread more joy with them.

Feeling ready? Get Meditation for Kids App today for proven techniques on mindful parenting. The app will get your kid(s) to actively live in the moment so you both can enjoy the NOW.


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