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The Art of Relaxing the Mind Using Colours

Color is a visible form of light and energy. We are seeing different colors provoke unique feelings in our brain. When you look at blue, your mind feels calm whereas red makes us more energetic and passionate. We do not even realize how affected we are by different colors.

The human body has 7 chakras which are related to the rainbow colors. Chakras are wheels of energy spread out in our bodies. Violet is associated with the crown chakra situated on the top of our head, whereas red is for the root chakra at the bottom of our body. Each corresponding color can be used as a therapy to heal the body.

Creativity is one of the most intuitive practices. It ignites imagination and helps in self-reflection. Imagination is the key to innovative thinking and an adaptive mind. Encouraging kids to be creative can be the most effective form of development. It can help them build relationships and form connections to live happy life. With the increasing use of technology, kids show addictive tendencies for gadgets. Excessive use of phones dulls the imagination and kills brain cells. Additionally, young children are more prone to the dopamine hits in the neurotransmitters. Therefore, it is very crucial to channel their energy productively.

As parents, it is very essential to be a part of your child’s learning process. Kids mimic everything they see their parents doing. The best way to teach kids is to get dirty in the mud with them. Anticipate their activities and preach mindful learning to them.

Children love playing with colors. Their inquisitive minds attract them to different colors which invoke a feeling of happiness in the brains. Being an attentive parent, you can guide them to do various activities involving bright colors in a fun way to relax and learn simultaneously. Here are a few recreational ways to spend time with your kids.

Involve colors During their Meditation Time

  • To supplement their imagination skills, make your kids imagine fruits of different colors. Once, they link fruits to every color, ask them to think about how it tastes, feel, and smell. This will sharpen their creative power as well as strengthen their memory.

  • Kids are always fascinated by flowers. You can try to make them imagine different flowers and how they smell. Introduce them to more varieties of flowers and ask them to send love and warmth to the plants.

  • Another great way to have fun with colors is to indulge your kid in Rainbow meditation. Ask them to breathe in different layered colors and recite a positive affirmation along with it.

Practice Art Therapy with Colours

  • Mindful coloring is a very common activity practiced by parents in these times. Get coloring books or print different figures for your kids and let them paint. Give them as many colors as possible and let them be imaginative. Tell them that there is no ‘right’ or no ‘wrong’ way to color. Let them paint the sky pink and water green. Cheer up their spirits to create art!

  • Mandala is a sacred ancient art of circles that can be very therapeutic. It can be a fun activity for both children and parents. Get the crayons out and start coloring the elements. Do not follow a rule or pattern. Be intuitive while choosing the colors, it is not necessary to make sense always. Let your creative juices flow!

Parenting can be a challenge but it can be made fun and easy with such activities. It is very important to coach your kids and help them relax at a young age. In this growing competitive world, these small retrospective acts can help them in leading healthy and happy life. So, be ready to make a mess with your kids and enjoy life with them!

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